Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wood Screw Fail Pt 2

So here are the results of my efforts the first time. Fairly hideous. The plug is my stubborn attempt to thread the rod, when it was obviously too big for the thread box. So instead of advancing along the metal threads in the thread box, the rod didn't advance at the proper rate resulting in the bit destroying the thread it had just cut.

After some sanding to bring the diameter of the rod down, these are the results the 2nd time through. There is pretty horrendous tearout tangential to the grain. I attributed this to a slightly dull bit. Self admittedly, my sharpening was pretty half hearted. All of this would have been "good enough", since I am quite intent on getting a functional vise as compared to a pretty one. Unfortunately, the screw binds 3/4 of the way through the vise face. Not functional or pretty.

Another sharpening session resulting in what I would consider a sharp bit, but 2 feet of rod that wasn't sanded down. I gave an attempt to thread the rod without the face of the thread box attached. Not a good idea, and the result is horrific enough that I will decline posting the result.

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