It's quite a mix of different topics covered by my growing library. There is also CD's of back issues of Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking, as well as an ongoing subscription to the latter.

At this point, I'm most happy with the Schwarz titles. I'm not particularly enthused by the "Build Like A Pro" series. I suppose the series title should be dead give away, but it's focused on getting an acceptable end result in the least time which is critical if you're a professional, but it often comes at the expense of some corner cutting.

None of the Tablesaw books have been particularly helpful in the set up stage, and seem equally indistinct when it comes to details concerning usage.

Books on chairs, tables, beds and maybe a few additional design related books. As much as I like the Schwarz titles, I'm still debating his latest Workbench Design book. George Walker listed a recommended book on design that might also be on the list as well as a book on Shaker furniture.

Recent additions now include the original Flexner book on finishing, which is apparently the reference on wood finishing. I haven't gone through the entire book yet, but the sections so far have been very good in giving a fundamental understanding of the different types of finishes, and the relative interactions with wood. I also picked up Illustrated Cabinetmaking which Schwarz listed as one of his must haves. Only had time to flip through it, but it seems like a thorough breakdown of the joinery that can be used for various sections of a given piece of furniture.

Joint BookTaunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Working with Wood (Complete Illustrated Guides)The Complete Woodshop Guide: How to Plan, Equip or Improve Your Workspace (Popular Woodworking)

The American Vignola: A Guide to the Making of Classical Architecture (The Classical America Series in Art and Architecture)

Hand Tools
Handplane Essentials

Power Tools
Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Tablesaws (Complete Illustrated Guides)

Workbenches: From Design And Theory To Construction And Use (Popular Woodworking)Illustrated Cabinetmaking: How to Design and Construct Furniture That WorksTrim Carpentry & Built-Ins (Taunton's Build Like a Pro)