Friday, February 4, 2011

Rockin' Moxon

Success. Mostly. I want to bore out one of the holes on the face a bit more so the screw travels a bit more freely but other than that I'm content with the output. A few more chamfers here and there, a good sanding and I'll be done. Then back to the daily dovetailing while glancing askew at the pile of white oak waiting to be turned into a proper workbench. I'm not relishing the thought of milling all that timber but I need a workbench, and a good workout. It's debatable which one I need more at the moment.

Some final thoughts on this. Breaking the edges of the holes prior to tapping keeps the edges clean. I suppose if you're experienced, that would be a given. It's all new to me. The Beall cuts a really nice thread.

I read Peter Follansbee complaining about working with walnut since he works almost exclusively with riven white oak. I find the differences between the various species I've worked thus far (white oak, poplar, hard maple, white pine, white ash, African mahogany, and a really dense tropical species that I can't recall at the moment) a bit unsettling. I can't imagine what it would be like if I had worked for twenty years using only one species and then switched.

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