Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trip to Townsend Lumber

I've been to several of the "lumber mills" in the area, but most of them seem to be lumber yards as opposed to actual mills. Townsend (in Tillsonburg) seems to be the real deal. The drive down the 401 wasn't so bad. I went down to purchase lumber for what will be my first substantial project. The famous Roubo Workbench as popularized by Christopher Schwarz.

The "I Can Do That" series of articles from Popular Woodworking Magazine is great and I definitely felt gratified after finishing my step stool project, but it seems a bit of a stretch to consider that a "real" woodworking project. That certainly won't keep me from posting a few shots and comments on the stool, but that will likely be the extent of it.

I now have a rather large and heavy pile of rough sawn white oak sitting both in my basement and in the minivan. I'll have to set up some stickers to set the timbers on to dry out. I'll leave with a comment that the price Lowes charges for what amounts to kindling is criminal. I thought a 16 stick bundle of 1"x1"x4' cedar nailing strips was on sale for $1.48. Not unreasonable given, as I stated, that the bundle was a glorified bunch of cedar kindling. Knotty, cracked, crooked and extremely dry. Apparently that's the price per stick. I ended purchasing a few 1"x2"x8' furring strips, which I think should do the job.

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